Bonafide Hustler

Datsik brings back a classic, flavored with the Trap influence that trolls today’s music scene.  This VIP of Bonafide Hustler is guaranteed to make any goody-two-shoes start pimping out her best friends and gunning down haters with Swarovski-studded AK-47s.

Get some, Betty.  Get some.

If you’re curious, here’s the original wubbly tune:


Altazer – Movie Hero

Altazer really throws us for a loop in this one.  The serene piano melody is rudely interrupted by our favorite kind of destruction: a snarly, aggressive bassline.  That quick drum beat’s got our feet moving and those heavy-hitting growls have our heads banging and our faces contorted into the nastiest of bass faces.

Download: Altazer – Movie Hero

Orion Rogers – Scumbag

Excuse our language, but ….hoooooooooooooooooooooooly shit this is an experience to remember.

That spacey, ethereal intro is so dreamy and we LOVE when that wailing guitar solo kicks in.
…then that snarly beast of a drop pounces down and it’s straight up MIND. EXPLOSION.

We send out infinite applause to Orion Rogers for creating such a delicious journey–this track truly is the perfect depiction of “Space Rock”.  Mamma told us to avoid Scumbags (especially ones as repulsive as that cover photo beast), but this one’s gonna pull us back in time and time again.


Kexx – Panic

We’re not usually fans of that 8-bit sound, but Kexx has ingeniously crafted those cheesy Nintendo sounds into the perfect intro for pure, unadulterated PHILTH.


HOT DAMN, try not to Panic when that drop hits.  Seriously, you hear it coming when those pounding rumbles start up, but not even an earthquake pack could prepare you for that level of bass (and shit, we live in California)!