Sanity’s Overrated

This chooooon cracked our reality in three waves of haunting darkness.   The first two, those haunting vocals and hypnotic beat, pulled us deep into a trance.  Then fffwaahhhhh those snarly fade ins at 1:23…done.  We’re DOOOONE:

@_@     @_@     @_@      @_@

^ We might as well own the look now, because no amount of laser eye surgery’s gonna fix that.

Jooiiiin usss  #PressPlay

Like that brutality?  We do too.  Fuck yourself up further with another Vision ZSeven goodie:


Happy Holidaze

Happy 420!  We’re excited to bring you the perfect anthem to light up to, originating from Re|eese right here in Oakland.

Philth phriendlies, we invite you to smoke with Smoke.

Double Dosage

As a Bay Area based group, we have a piqued sense of pride for our local artists and our local labels.  This post is a shoutout to Mallabel Music, a group of musical enthusiasts who have fine-tuned their sense to bring us the greatest artists in the area.  Check out the latest remixes of Auxiliary In, courtesy of Mal.

First up, we’ve got a dark & deeply groove from our man Pushloop:

And if you find yourself in a slumper from the demonic bass of Pushloop, check out this crunktastic medley of glitch vibes from VGNX: