Respect & Honor

Take a pause from your busy lives and bow the fuck down to Kelly Dean and Kwizma for this badass Therapy EP.  Now channel your inner yogi and get ready for some deeeeeep, deep ohmmmmmmmygods cuz this EP is ILL.

Lieterally.  We’d be shouting with joy right now, but our mouths are full of foam.

Get Wavey’s our poison of choice – how about you?


Happy Holidaze

Happy 420!  We’re excited to bring you the perfect anthem to light up to, originating from Re|eese right here in Oakland.

Philth phriendlies, we invite you to smoke with Smoke.

The Space Slam

So like…if you were a disco astronaut, spinning through space…and then the stars turned into lasers and tried to twinkle you away.  Accurate?

Press play, close your eyes and hop on this ride.  We’re already four light years away.  #holla

Double Dosage

As a Bay Area based group, we have a piqued sense of pride for our local artists and our local labels.  This post is a shoutout to Mallabel Music, a group of musical enthusiasts who have fine-tuned their sense to bring us the greatest artists in the area.  Check out the latest remixes of Auxiliary In, courtesy of Mal.

First up, we’ve got a dark & deeply groove from our man Pushloop:

And if you find yourself in a slumper from the demonic bass of Pushloop, check out this crunktastic medley of glitch vibes from VGNX: