Respect & Honor

Take a pause from your busy lives and bow the fuck down to Kelly Dean and Kwizma for this badass Therapy EP.  Now channel your inner yogi and get ready for some deeeeeep, deep ohmmmmmmmygods cuz this EP is ILL.

Lieterally.  We’d be shouting with joy right now, but our mouths are full of foam.

Get Wavey’s our poison of choice – how about you?


In the Daylight

Meet Myth, a growly motherphucker who prefers to haunt us in the harsh daylight of our existence.  Hold onto your mind and prepare for that three-minute swell.   …aaaaaahhhh.

UPDATE: He’s back with a scrubby VIP.  These extra wobbles are exactly what we need to get our blood boiling.

Frickin A

Frickin A (noun)
A curse referring to the mammal known as an aardvark.
Back in the day, people would go rabbit hunting and they would see stuff moving in the field and shoot it. But then upon inspection of their quarry, it’d just be an aardvark and they’d be like, “fuckin aardvark.”
The zoologist exclaimed, “its not an aas, its a frickin A!”
 (Courtesy of Urban Dictionary–where else?)
Aaaaand with that we give you lots of Subbassa.  Happy Monday, let the weekly struggle begin.


The creepy crawlers lead the way, creating a slimy path for the creatures of the underworld that follow.  We watch from afar as an army of unworldly beings process through the heavy night air, transfixed by the steam that rises from their shoulders and the molten lava that flows from their soles; burning their footprints into the horror-tainted soil.  We want to run, but we have lost control of our minds and our hypnosis draws us to the beasts.  Where are they going?  What do they seek?  We find ourselves stepping in line and our feet slowly begun to ooze lava.

Where are we going and what do we seek?  Come with us.  Find out.

This fantasy brought to you by Subbassa The X-Files.

Sparxy & Fused Foces – Leviathan (ARtroniks Remix)

Holy hell…

literally.  If anything’s gonna crawl out of the fiery pits it’s gonna be this terrifying beast.  If the eerie static, pounding bass and ominous tones aren’t enough to trigger your fear, just wait for that naaaaaaaaaaasty synthesized snarl.

We’re literally twitching on the floor with aural bliss  …The Twitch, the next & best in dance floor fads, inspired by ARtroniks.

Download Sparxy & Fused Forces – Leviathan (ARtroniks Remix) Here