Respect & Honor

Take a pause from your busy lives and bow the fuck down to Kelly Dean and Kwizma for this badass Therapy EP.  Now channel your inner yogi and get ready for some deeeeeep, deep ohmmmmmmmygods cuz this EP is ILL.

Lieterally.  We’d be shouting with joy right now, but our mouths are full of foam.

Get Wavey’s our poison of choice – how about you?


Who Knows CPR?

We just got our blood work back — brought in by carrier pigeon this morning, SWEAR — but there was nothing to prepare us for the heart failure brought on by Truth’s sadistic basswaves.

Consider this your warning …before we double-dog-dare you to #pressplay >:D


This sound takes us back to the days of farm renegades and abandoned warehouses.  No rules, no judgements, just baaaaassssssss.  Perhaps this track was named Torn because it tore a hole in the spacetime continuum?  Just one theory…

Turn up the volume and prepare your EKG machine, because ENiGMA Dubz is here to quake some brains.

Sanity’s Overrated

This chooooon cracked our reality in three waves of haunting darkness.   The first two, those haunting vocals and hypnotic beat, pulled us deep into a trance.  Then fffwaahhhhh those snarly fade ins at 1:23…done.  We’re DOOOONE:

@_@     @_@     @_@      @_@

^ We might as well own the look now, because no amount of laser eye surgery’s gonna fix that.

Jooiiiin usss  #PressPlay

Like that brutality?  We do too.  Fuck yourself up further with another Vision ZSeven goodie: