The Longest Tunnel

Hold your breath, you’ll get a wish at the end and it WILL come true!
(or post our blog 30 times to Facebook and you’ll get a message from God, telling you the first name of your future soulmate!)

Honestly we’re hoping that you, dear reader, are not dense enough to believe our first two statements.  And if you are ….well, we will apologize to your family for your outstanding gullibility and we’ll play this track at your funeral.  (P.S. Thank you for the publicity!)

In all non-seriousness, The Creeps by Rez reminds us of an old dark and echoey tunnel that continues on forever …i.e. 3 minutes and 12 seconds.  Slip into the darkness.

Free Download WUT

As a closing note, this takes us back to Benga & Coki’s Night.  Can’t forget those classics :).


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