Translations – Rude Boyz

This track has a dirty little secret, as most Rude Boyz do.  The flowy reggae intro will chill you out, put a smile on your face and float you away on a cloud of ganja smoke.  But just when you’re REALLY getting into your groove, the switch is flipped, a whirlwind of grime hits and that smile turns into a snarl of pure evil.

If there’s ever a moment to yell “FUCK YEAH” it’d be now.  Don’t worry about the people around you, they probably suspected you were an oddball when you started grinning your face off.

Translations, a duo from San Diego, started their journey in 2007 when they discovered Fruity Loops.  Their sound has matured over the years and it’s safe to say that they’ve mastered the art of intertwining gnarly drops with sweet, sweet melodies.  If you like Rude Boyz, we recommend you check out The Party for another breathtaking experience.


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