Pushloop – Lost Time

Introducing PUSHLOOP, a NorCal native that’s made a habit of dishing out delicious nightmares.  Our featured track is an especially sinister beast that Pushloop calls Lost Time.  This slow chiller melts me into a comatose state of terror ….and I like it.

That’s normal right?

(Oh, bass.  We love you so.)

Pushloop was born into music–with two musically talented parents, it’s hard not to appreciate the glory of sound.  His musical journey started at the piano and as young Pushloop grew older, he developed a deep appreciation for hip hop and electronic music.  2008: Pushloop discovers dubstep and it’s game over.  The Widdler, Coki, Mala, Distance, Truth, Biome… the list goes on and on.  He was obsessed with every single bassy track that he stumbled upon  and his passion inspired him to explore the art of DJing.  As Pushloop became more familiar with the diverse genre of dubstep, his musical taste became refined and he began producing his perfect blend of sounds and styles.  What we have today are HEAVY FUCKING BASSLINES balanced by refreshing melodies.


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