Evil F*cking Ambience

Grab some headphones and turn up that bass.  This is a world you have to enter.

We’re not sure if this can even be called a song.  It’s more like an …evil. fucking. ambience. That thumping beat, crunchy synth and snarling notes – Sectra will to implode your eardrums and reset your heartbeat.


That badness at 3:43 though…. oooooohweeeeeeee o.O goodbye sanity.

In the Back, Sippin Yac

WTF just assaulted our ears?!

It’s called GTFU but we’re not sure if we can – we accidentally put that shit on repeat and we’re pretty sure we’re losing motor control.  That sexy bassline reels you in and then….that audio artillery!  There’s snarly bass, screechy bits, rap, and just emotional pummeling all around.  What’s to hate?  Press play.

SoDown’s Secret Stash is waiting for you if you’re savage enough to handle more.

Also… sippin yac?  yak? yack?  ‘gnac?  do people even give a fuck?




That’s almost enough of a statement as it is.  But if you have no idea what we’re talking about …well that’s ok.  Half the time, we don’t either.  Ironically, this may be a direct result of too much head-banging to Nato Feelz, the wubmaster of grime.

Shake your brains out to…

Light it Up

No Diggity (Nato Feelz Remix)


…and much, much more on Nato Feelz’s Soundcloud.  Get philthy!!!

Double Dosage

As a Bay Area based group, we have a piqued sense of pride for our local artists and our local labels.  This post is a shoutout to Mallabel Music, a group of musical enthusiasts who have fine-tuned their sense to bring us the greatest artists in the area.  Check out the latest remixes of Auxiliary In, courtesy of Mal.

First up, we’ve got a dark & deeply groove from our man Pushloop:

And if you find yourself in a slumper from the demonic bass of Pushloop, check out this crunktastic medley of glitch vibes from VGNX:

Here’s the original from Raquel Divar if you’re interested.  Pretty fucking banging as-is: