Mashinist 2.0, the Resurrection

After a 2 years hiatus, we’re given a glorious gift: Mashinist is back.  Happy 2015 to us!

This British gent first stole our hearts with his GunShots! snippet, a fun little tune that is equally silly as it is raw.  It’s like the circus went to the hood and came back sportin’ some attitude.

If you like that, then you’re in for a treat:
M45H1N157’5 R3B00T 3P …F0 FR33333333


Mashinist has an alternate alias, Kingpin, the name (we suspect) has stemmed from his ability to knock us down with these sneaky beats.  This Mos Def mashup is pure gold, starting as we comfortingly recall, then melting into a fast DnB groove.

Dead Room, Evil Prevails

Occult (adj.): beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.

Coming at us from Naples, Italy is Dead Room, a seasoned producer & sound engineer who began experimenting with sounds in the late 90s.  With years of sound experimentation and evolution, Dead Room now brings us Occult, a sadistic tune that’s bound to grab you by your heels and drag you into the depths of hell.