Lazarus Syndrome (look it up)

If you’ve never heard HABSTRAKT, we’re extremely enthused to introduce to this wickedly talented producer.

If you have heard of Habstrakt, well….Word.  Get ready for some floor-shaking, mirror-breaking evilness.  This nastiness, Resurrect, is enough to quake the depths of Hell.  Talk about appropriate naming.  Yeeeeheheheeee :D

DIAMONDS on My Neck…

…Ice in my grill.

That vocal loop is swagnificent in itself, but it’s the hybrid dub/trap beat that KILLS.  We were intrigued and excited when we saw that Dubmaster The Widdler was collaborating with Trap King G Jones to produce Diamonds on My Neck.  The result: a creatively wubbly bubbly bassline, overlayed with the ever-present trap-sprinkler.  DOPE GAME.  We’ve been cruising the streets with this on blast. Spare the turkeys and EAT BASS.  HAPPY BASSGIVING.

Pushloop – Different Perspective

Leave it up to Pushloop to surprise us with a masterpiece that is equally menacing as it is mind-bending.

Different Perspective kicks off with an eerie combination of rattles & shakers.  You’ll start to groove into the alien-esque groove …until you’re hit by a tsunami of bass.  (Note: You’re not doing it right if your mirrors are still intact.)

It’s “A very magic sort of hallucination, which can feel very frightening or …uncanny.”