Pushloop – Different Perspective

Leave it up to Pushloop to surprise us with a masterpiece that is equally menacing as it is mind-bending.

Different Perspective kicks off with an eerie combination of rattles & shakers.  You’ll start to groove into the alien-esque groove …until you’re hit by a tsunami of bass.  (Note: You’re not doing it right if your mirrors are still intact.)

It’s “A very magic sort of hallucination, which can feel very frightening or …uncanny.”

NumberNin6 vs. Cyberoptics – Rootwork

Rootwork is quite an enticing title as is, and knowing NumberNin6 and Cyberoptics are behind the production, you know it’s gonna be a tasty one.

MotherF.  Those alarms have our hearts pumping like there’s no tomorrow and our blood is flowing with the force of a Niagra fall.  (Just one, since we’re being realistic here.)  At one point a soft, serene melody beckons us back down to reality, but it doesn’t last long.  The alarms are back, along with that adrenaline and increased blood pressure.  Rage, motherfucker.

Not sure if that ^ sounds painful or not, but we think it’s FUCKING AWESOME.  Interpret as you must.