NumberNin6 vs. Cyberoptics – Rootwork

Rootwork is quite an enticing title as is, and knowing NumberNin6 and Cyberoptics are behind the production, you know it’s gonna be a tasty one.

MotherF.  Those alarms have our hearts pumping like there’s no tomorrow and our blood is flowing with the force of a Niagra fall.  (Just one, since we’re being realistic here.)  At one point a soft, serene melody beckons us back down to reality, but it doesn’t last long.  The alarms are back, along with that adrenaline and increased blood pressure.  Rage, motherfucker.

Not sure if that ^ sounds painful or not, but we think it’s FUCKING AWESOME.  Interpret as you must.

Sparxy & Fused Foces – Leviathan (ARtroniks Remix)

Holy hell…

literally.  If anything’s gonna crawl out of the fiery pits it’s gonna be this terrifying beast.  If the eerie static, pounding bass and ominous tones aren’t enough to trigger your fear, just wait for that naaaaaaaaaaasty synthesized snarl.

We’re literally twitching on the floor with aural bliss  …The Twitch, the next & best in dance floor fads, inspired by ARtroniks.

Download Sparxy & Fused Forces – Leviathan (ARtroniks Remix) Here


Altazer – Movie Hero

Altazer really throws us for a loop in this one.  The serene piano melody is rudely interrupted by our favorite kind of destruction: a snarly, aggressive bassline.  That quick drum beat’s got our feet moving and those heavy-hitting growls have our heads banging and our faces contorted into the nastiest of bass faces.

Download: Altazer – Movie Hero

Deceit – Temperature

Close your eyes, open your mind and just relax with this liquid, ultra chill goodness titled Temperature.  This track is coming at you from South Lincolnshire, UK from a duo that calls themselves Deceit.  Based on their productions, Rob Brian and Ryan Fitch definitely know the secret to creating amazingly dark melodies and we suggest you keep your ears open for more from these two.

Listen below and download for free HERE

Orion Rogers – Scumbag

Excuse our language, but ….hoooooooooooooooooooooooly shit this is an experience to remember.

That spacey, ethereal intro is so dreamy and we LOVE when that wailing guitar solo kicks in.
…then that snarly beast of a drop pounces down and it’s straight up MIND. EXPLOSION.

We send out infinite applause to Orion Rogers for creating such a delicious journey–this track truly is the perfect depiction of “Space Rock”.  Mamma told us to avoid Scumbags (especially ones as repulsive as that cover photo beast), but this one’s gonna pull us back in time and time again.


Translations – Rude Boyz

This track has a dirty little secret, as most Rude Boyz do.  The flowy reggae intro will chill you out, put a smile on your face and float you away on a cloud of ganja smoke.  But just when you’re REALLY getting into your groove, the switch is flipped, a whirlwind of grime hits and that smile turns into a snarl of pure evil.

If there’s ever a moment to yell “FUCK YEAH” it’d be now.  Don’t worry about the people around you, they probably suspected you were an oddball when you started grinning your face off.

Translations, a duo from San Diego, started their journey in 2007 when they discovered Fruity Loops.  Their sound has matured over the years and it’s safe to say that they’ve mastered the art of intertwining gnarly drops with sweet, sweet melodies.  If you like Rude Boyz, we recommend you check out The Party for another breathtaking experience.

Kexx – Panic

We’re not usually fans of that 8-bit sound, but Kexx has ingeniously crafted those cheesy Nintendo sounds into the perfect intro for pure, unadulterated PHILTH.


HOT DAMN, try not to Panic when that drop hits.  Seriously, you hear it coming when those pounding rumbles start up, but not even an earthquake pack could prepare you for that level of bass (and shit, we live in California)!

Retox – Jelly (Bass Buddha Remix)

Bass Buddha, a Northern California native, began concocting dubstep in 2009.  Since then, he’s shared the stage with Matty G, Taso, Stephan Jacobs, Nasty Nasty to develop his style and refine his technique.  In this feature, Bass Buddha  revisits Jelly by Retox and scrambles it into a remix that is seriously sinister, ridiculously raw, extremely evil, dangerously dirty …we could alliterate for days but our time is better spent focusing on your attention on the tumultuous tune (couldn’t help but throw one more in there).

If his sounds have you crying for more, check  out his Evil release through Rellik Audio Recordings.

TheSK – The Room

BAAAAAAAAAAAM. TheSK is in the house of philth!!!  …well actually we should probably call it The Room of philth, as the track specifically describes.  Try not to smile as you stomp your world to 2D with TheSK’s Preachers EP, containing The Room, Preachers and Dead Temple released by Altered Records.

We’d add more, but we’re kiiiinda rendered speechless by the darkness.

Bad Lux – Chemical Burn

Bad Lux pulls samples from the classic movie Fight Club and throws it in with so much crunch that it’d make a Corn Nut disintegrate into a gooey puddle.  Throw on your bass face, turn on Chemical Burn and go hit up the nearest 711 (we know we’ve got you thinking about those Corn Nuts now)!  And hey, if this inspires you to start your own fight club, so be it.  Just be sure to do this track justice by blasting it RIGHT when that fucker gets knocked out.

Earth Is Our Spaceship – Alien Abduction

These New Zealanders have the right idea: we are speeding through the cosmos, clinging to the blue planet we call Earth. Sure, our path is forever set by the Sun’s gravitational pull but we are still technically space travelers, yes?

We’ve got to commend Earth Is Our Spaceship for their intergalactic appreciation and we thoroughly recommend you participate in their depiction of an Alien Abduction.  If our first meeting with extraterrestrial life is as awesome as this track sounds …shit, abduct away!   In the mean time, we can only fantasize about life beyond our solar system and take comfort in the fact that not all flying objects are unidentified–this flying object one comes in the form of an EP (psst, it’s free!).

LxA – Brutal Mantra

LxA here, bringing us some philthy phreshness out of France …or should we say Phrance?  ;)

Our featured track is appropriately titled Brutal Mantra, as the intro sets an ominous tone and that drop just pounds the bass into you.  There’s no escape, that badness has seeped into your soul, bound to your bones and mutated your DNA.

If you like that, lucky for you–there’s MORE.   Check out LxA’s Bonecrusher EP for the full experience.


Pushloop – Lost Time

Introducing PUSHLOOP, a NorCal native that’s made a habit of dishing out delicious nightmares.  Our featured track is an especially sinister beast that Pushloop calls Lost Time.  This slow chiller melts me into a comatose state of terror ….and I like it.

That’s normal right?

(Oh, bass.  We love you so.)

Pushloop was born into music–with two musically talented parents, it’s hard not to appreciate the glory of sound.  His musical journey started at the piano and as young Pushloop grew older, he developed a deep appreciation for hip hop and electronic music.  2008: Pushloop discovers dubstep and it’s game over.  The Widdler, Coki, Mala, Distance, Truth, Biome… the list goes on and on.  He was obsessed with every single bassy track that he stumbled upon  and his passion inspired him to explore the art of DJing.  As Pushloop became more familiar with the diverse genre of dubstep, his musical taste became refined and he began producing his perfect blend of sounds and styles.  What we have today are HEAVY FUCKING BASSLINES balanced by refreshing melodies.