The creepy crawlers lead the way, creating a slimy path for the creatures of the underworld that follow.  We watch from afar as an army of unworldly beings process through the heavy night air, transfixed by the steam that rises from their shoulders and the molten lava that flows from their soles; burning their footprints into the horror-tainted soil.  We want to run, but we have lost control of our minds and our hypnosis draws us to the beasts.  Where are they going?  What do they seek?  We find ourselves stepping in line and our feet slowly begun to ooze lava.

Where are we going and what do we seek?  Come with us.  Find out.

This fantasy brought to you by Subbassa The X-Files.

Melt into Yourself

This song has melted our philthy phucking hearts into puddles of love, enlightening us with a new-found respect for this 2D world that we now live in.  …does time count?  Is this 3D?  IS THIS REAL LIFE???

Flaxo woke us up today with Taken, an impressive display of dreamy vocals, trippy cuts and one sweeeeeet sweet guitar riff.  We think we like.  <3

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We realize that we’re a week late to the 420 craze, but have you met an energetic stoner?  That shit makes you lazy as f*ck and we rolled our asses here to bring you this old-school chooooooooooon.

Huge ups to Nato Feelz for these badman vibes.  It’s pretty obvious why Rottun Records backs you.

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P.S.  If you haven’t heard the original Come Around by Collie Buddz, get your head out of Taylor Swift’s ass and enjoy some Bermuda smoothness.